Monday, January 30, 2017

A Hard Day

Somebody hurt my feelings today.

No use trying not to think about it. It's all I can think about. You know, sometimes you're not ready to be made to feel better. Sometimes you want to be given time to get to wanting help to feel better, don't you?

It was a remark that took me by surprise. I never trusted this person completely anyway, but just when I let my guard down and acted  like it might be a normal relationship after all, WHAM!

 No more. 

I don't think God wants us to be fools who keep going back for a bloody nose. 
This remark was a jab at a weak spot I can't do anything about. No, not a weak spot, just a step below their step. This remark revealed what I've suspected all along. It's kind of like when you walk and your slip peeks out every few steps. 

Anyway, I can spiritualize this and come up with a happy ending, but I'm too tired for that. 
It's late and I'll likely be over it tomorrow when you read this post.

Thanks, Folks, for stopping by like you do! 

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