Thursday, January 30, 2014

You Are Never Alone

"for He Himself has said, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." Hebrews 13:5 (NASB)
You cannot see them in the English, but they are there in the Greek--two sticks of dynamite. Without getting too technical, let’s just say that there are two little particles in the Greek that mean “’never” in the English. Each of those two particles can be used alone, but when you put them together, they are the strongest way to say, “Never ever ever-- NO WAY!” Like two sticks of dynamite, those two particles blast out the possibility of whatever it is describing.  Here it is speaking of the possibility that you might be abandoned.
But wait, there’s more! Look at the verse again.
 It does not just say that God will never ever leave you. It says “He Himself” has said He will never leave you. That is a way of emphasizing that the weight of that promise is not backed by an endorser. It comes straight from the mouth of God Himself!
When you feel lonely…
When no one believes in you…
When you don’t have a clue what to do next…
When you’ve messed up really bad…
When someone messed you up really bad…
When you cry at night so no one will see the tears…
When you are scared to death to do what He’s called you to do for fear of looking foolish…
When no one else understands and you start to wonder if maybe you are the crazy one…
When you have to be a big girl and make it on your own…
When you have burned your bridges with everyone else…
When you are afraid...
When you wouldn’t blame Him if He wanted to leave…
Remember those sticks of dynamite and Who put them there. You are not alone, Princess. You are NEVER alone!
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

You Are Beautiful Just As You Are

" For we are God's masterpiece." (New Living Translation)

If beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, then you are beautiful just as you are.

 I know something in you shirks back when you read those words. That’s because you tend to focus on the parts you wish to change. To say you are beautiful “as is” seems to ignore your warts and shortcomings.  God sees those too, and yet He says you are beautiful.

Perfect? No.  Beautiful?  Yes.

This is because when God looks at you, He views you through  eyes of love. YOU ARE HIS CREATION. You are His masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for a purpose. He fashioned you with the gifts that fit perfectly with what He designed you to accomplish.

If you are a mother, you might have a glimpse of  how God sees you. When your child was born, you KNEW he or she was beautiful. Beautiful had nothing to do with their red wrinkles or cone-shaped head or cradle cap. It had everything to do with who they were -a special human being… a  part of you and your family.

 Same with God.

You are beautiful because you are made in His image. Your uniqueness fills a space no one past, present, or future can ever fill. You are one of a kind, and God looks at you with delight and approval. It has nothing to do with what you look like or even how you behave, it has everything to do with who you are. Your being is beautiful because it is a testament to God’s creativity, His marvelous mind and power. It’s true, God don’t make no junk! 

So sing, Dear Princess, because you are loved. Dance because you have value. Laugh because you are a designer original. Rejoice and shine for you are beautiful just as you are. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


I was about eight years old. My mother had been busy making dinner and had no way of noticing I was unusually quiet. But later as she saw me slumped over the arm of the sofa looking dejected, she asked, "What's wrong?"

 I was quiet for a moment as I tried to find the words, but I couldn't.  This problem had been brewing for months and had come to a head. My little heart was beating fast, and my mouth got dry.

Mom waited for an answer.

 I burst out crying.
Again, she asked what was troubling me. So between sobs I explained, " My teacher said I have to bring the money for my workbook so she can take my name off that list she has on the board. Whaaaaaah!"
Naturally my mother asked how much she needed to send.
"Two {sniff, sniff}  d-d-dollars( gasp, choke) and fif-fifty cents!" I managed.
That was many years ago, but still I recall the silence that followed after Mama had me fetch her purse.
I am sure you are thinking what she thought all those years ago. Why the tears over two dollars and fifty cents? The truth is,  my eight-year-old mind  thought it would be a strain on the family budget to pay for the school workbook.  I had no way to pay it myself and my teacher had been reminding me over and over that I must bring the fee to school. Two dollars and two quarters bought more back then than it does today, but still, it was not a lot of money. Certainly not worth the tears and agonizing I did over it.
 It was silly.
But is it any sillier than the worrying we do over adult-size problems we won't bring to our even bigger God? We stress,  lose sleep, and even become depressed over  problems that are big to us but are a mere $2.50 to the God Who created the trees from which money is made.
A friend once said to me when I shared there was a BIG mountain in my life  God would have to move if certain things were going to happen, "Georgia, it's JUST a mountain to Jehovah!"
 Do not allow the size of your  problems to block out the size of  your God.
Today, bring your burdens to the Him. Jesus has already issued His invitation to you.
"Come to me all you who are weary and burdened" (Matthew 11:28).
He also says to throw all your worries on Him. Why? Because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).
Whether your burden weighs a ton or costs thousands to fix, it's the same as two dollars and fifty cents to God for whom nothing is impossible.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

You Are Not Helpless

I was scrounging for something to buy for dinner at the grocery store after work the other day when something odd caught my eye.


 A couple walked past me. 


What I saw would have been easy to miss.
The woman was trying hard to control her facial expression, but the tears standing in her eyes betrayed her distress.
She was trying not to make a scene, and the tight grip he had above her elbow said she'd better not.
  He stared straight ahead, walking with determined steps, subtly dragging her along as she fearfully resisted with a half step behind his. You could tell he had gotten in her head and had ruthless control of her.
I've seen this sort of thing before, and it distressed me, but what could I do?
 If I'd intervened, he would have told me to mind my own business, and he seemed to have enough control over her she would have insisted nothing was wrong. What was her home life like with this man?  How long has this sort of thing been happening? What stories could their children tell if they could without fear? As I drove home, my heart went out to that woman and I felt helpless.
 But wait! I was not helpless. There WAS something I could do--something powerful!
James 5:16 says," The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. " In other words, prayer could transform that situation. Prayer could bring salvation to both of them. Prayer could give her courage to make decisions to protect herself. Prayer could give him God's perspective on her value as a woman.  Prayer could purge all the unhealthiness which made that painful scene at the grocery store visible.
So often we see hurting people and think we don't have the funds, or the authority, or even permission from the one we desire to help. A mentor told me years ago that oftentimes God makes us aware of needs not so we can rescue, call the police,  give money, or whatever else. Sometimes our assignment is simply to pray. Don't underestimate the power of a pointed and passionate prayer. God says it yields great results. If He has offered this awesome tool as an instrument to help others, we dare not underestimate it.
 I am counting on the God who directed me to pray to do just what He said. I am trusting Him to hear the fervent prayer I prayed on my drive home that day. It was the only and yet most powerful thing I could do.
What about you? When have you felt helpless to do anything but found prayer to be the best thing?