Monday, February 13, 2017

Encouraging Words on God Speaking to You

Isn't it amazing that God speaks to us? I mean, pause a moment and let that sink in. God, Who created the earth and the planets and the galaxies speaks to YOU! No dropped calls (though some go unanswered by us) and no misdirected messages (though at times I feel a message for me would be better carried out by the girl next to me). This idea of God speaking is an exciting one. How can you help but be curious about what He wants to say to you?

I think we are all afraid we will misinterpret what He's saying. May I offer you encouragement about that fear? Remember when God told Abram to go to a land He would show him? (Genesis 12:2) Do you think Abram might have been a little frightened that he might go in the wrong direction? I do too, but then we must remember that Abram started in A DIRECTION. The Bible doesn't tell us that he started in the wrong direction and God had to say, "No, go here instead," but this very well could have happened. Perhaps he ran across a battle going on between two armies and had to re-route. I am not big on Bible maps but if there was a sea in one direction and he had no boat, it was a safe bet that God was not leading him across the sea. Are you following me? You don't have to be afraid of getting your signals crossed and scrambling up His message to you. If your heart's intent is to obey Him, no way will He let you get too far down the wrong path before He lets you know to turn a different way. So loosen your grip on the steering wheel, Girl! Let some blood flow back into those knuckles that are white from being choked of blood supply. You are not big enough to screw up God's plan and He loves You too much to let you. Don't forget, this is a relationship and not a robotic system that can malfunction. Half the fun is the interaction you get to do with God in figuring out what He's up to. Ask Him, "Lord, did You mean for me to go this way?  No?  Lead me, Father. I want to follow You." It's wonderful!

This leads me to the idea of our fear of failure. I liken it to a door we need to walk through, but our fears are on the other side roaring and snarling like a lion and pit bull rolled together. When we open the door, we discover a kitten with a snarl and roar recording. Your fears are designed to play mind games that keep you stuck. What's really waiting in the other side of your fear-of-failure door is growth and a testimony for God's glory. Guess who has NO interest in either of those happening?

You and I must develop a Queen Esther mentality: "If I perish, I perish." (Esther 4:16) Staying where you are is not an option because disobedience is a hot seat a child of God finds torturous. Besides, aren't you tired of the same old same old? Yes? Adventure lives on the other side of that door. Say a prayer, swallow hard, and twist that knob. I would absolutely love to hear what you find on the other side.
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