Saturday, February 18, 2017


How was your weekend? Did you accomplish all you hoped? 
I decided to do something different this weekend: accomplish as little as possible. Well, that's not completely true. I should say I  was intentional about NOT accomplishing a particular thing. The idea of the Sabbath has lost it's appeal to our American culture. We see the weekend as a chance to get ahead. Truth is, I hear that those who rest are the ones really getting ahead. 
Have you heard the story of the two lumberjacks who had a contest? On go, they both started hacking away at their respective trees. Lumberjack A was going at a feverish pace. Lumberjack B was too, except about midway, he stopped. Lumberjack A saw his chance to get ahead so he sped up, chopping so hard and strong he nearly made himself dizzy. Imagine A's surprise when, shortly thereafter, he heard B shout "Timmmbbberrr!" 
A: "H-h-how did you...?"
B: "Well, my friend, while you were wearing yourself out a-choppin'' I got ahead by pausin' to sharpen my axe!"

I decided to give that a try. I had chores to do on Saturday that wore me out, but after church Sunday,  I went to visit a relative- something I rarely do. The visit was not a long one, but I got some valuable info about a small problem I had. I was just making conversation and the issue came out. Something else was said that God used as food for thought. 
I had a big project that was calling my name, but I chose not to answer. No, today was gonna be a time away. I didn't know what to do with myself in some of those moments--I asked the Lord to help me to just... be. 

I heard a book subtitle the other day that says something like, "Stop spending 100% of your time on 10% of your life!" It spoke of how we can be so consumed with reaching a goal that other important things get pushed aside. At some point, we have to trust God will help us get done what He wants done. I am trying to live that way. It's been so refreshing!  I find I have more time for relationships. Also, I'm discovering that creating margin in my life leaves a place for God to fill. He reminded me that my neighbor had an ambulance outside her house the day before and that I should call to check on her. Racing thoughts and running around drowns out those opportunities for God to speak.

So now let's see how well I do once the work week starts. Will I look at my project with fresh eyes? 
What about you? Will you allow time to pause during the week so you're not frazzled. Hope so. 
Good night.

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