Wednesday, February 8, 2017

You Can Show the World Real Christianity!

Every now and then I scroll through the TV  channels and I land on something that rocks me to the core. I wanted to change the channel but I couldn't. Well, a couple of times I did, but I kept coming back. It was a documentary about the Oklahoma City bombing. Isn't it sad that that wasn't the worst attack we've had? This goes to show that the enemy is never satisfied. You may think he's done a doozy on your life, but he's always dreaming and plotting to do more. This is why it's critical that you and I hold on to Jesus daily. A full-time devil can only be fought with a fuller-time God. Ain't you glad you got One? 

Anyway, the horrifying part was the white supremacist group behind the attack. There were pictures of these people deep in the woods sitting in a church with Bibles on their laps and crosses hanging on the wall. The recordings were the worst of all. I was not so much offended by the supremacist rhetoric as I was that they dared attach the word "Christian" to it. Something grated on my liver every time they said the word. How sick to think that Christ would sign off on anything they were doing. It made me mad. "Go find another name to use for that crap," my spirit shouted, "leave my Savior's out of it!"

Then this got me to thinking: I wonder how many people hate Christianity because this  is the only sort of Christianity they know? I don't mean just the radical deviance like that group. I mean the kind that only judges and never extends grace. The kind that blends in so well with the culture that there's nothing to make it attractive. Friend, real Christianity is attractive!! If it's not that to you, then you either need to put it back on the shelf and reach for the real thing or quit nibbling at what it offers and eat it whole so it can change you like only it can.
Sorry, I keep chasing rabbit trails. Back to my point. Could it be that some (not all) of the people who want nothing to do with Jesus have had bad representatives of Him? How many have encountered fronters and fakers?

The world is hungry for the real Jesus. They want so badly to run across someone  who is as loving as He is. They are looking for someone like you! Don't look away. Remember, perfection is not a requirement otherwise we all would have to go home. No, you are just the person God can use to stop someone in their tracks and take a second look at this Christianity thing. Yeah, I know, many are not interested in real Christianity at all; they want one that lets them do whatever they please. I'm not talking about those people. There are still those who would come to Jesus if they really saw Him. Let them see Him in You. 
This gets scary unless you remember He is going to do the attracting if you will do the yielding. Please stop saying you are not perfect. They already know that. Your goal is to present them with Someone Who IS perfect. The only way they will believe He's real is if they see something coming out of you that couldn't possibly have been from you. Am I making any sense? I've had times when I wore myself to a frazzle trying to be a good example to those around me, but all I ended up being was legalistic and that is a turn-off. A better, less exhausting approach is to give Jesus full access to your heart, your soul, your mind, and strength. Let Him animate Himself through your limbs, your smile, and even your bad days. Then watch out, Girl. Influence can't help but happen. Glory will get got and it'll come from them and go straight to God ( Matthew 5:16). You have the joy of being used by the only One of Whom it's a privilege to be used.

  The world is full of sick and twisted variations of what they call Christianity. Let's you and I do our part to show what real Christianity looks like. 

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