Thursday, July 31, 2014

When You're Overwhelmed With Stress

"Take my yoke upon you and learn of me...for my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 11:29-30

I will never forget the day I heard God use a rather ethnic tone with me. (He made all ethnicities, so why not?)

I was knee-deep in motherhood, neck-deep in academics and up to just below my nose with an activity I saw as essential to my kids' future.

I was crazy with stress.

I cried out to The Lord in the middle of my multi-tasking mania.

"God, how in the world will I get  everything done?"

God may have smelled a trace of accusation in my breath-prayer that day because I'll NEVER forget the reply He breathed in my spirit.

I can almost see His holy eyebrows raised as He said something like, " Um...Didn't nobody tell you to take on all that extra stuff. I told you to ______________."

  God usually speaks to me in short sentences and then leaves me to draw the logical conclusions to what He has said.

That day I concluded that my brain was pickling in stress because I'd brought it on myself.  Jesus never was frantic with stress, yet He said He fulfilled all God assigned Him. Because He lives in me, I can complete all His assignments too.

He said His burden is light. If my knees  are buckling, it is because I have overcommitted myself with surplus elective responsibilities.

What about you? Do you have so many irons in the fire you can hardly see the fire?

I encourage you to re-evaluate...declutter... simplify...delegate.

I am LOVING the freedom this brings.

You will too.

Talk About It: What is God calling you to throw overboard to keep you from sinking in stress?

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