Thursday, July 3, 2014

Feed That Child!

1 Corinthians 4:2 "Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful."

God put a dream in your heart. As a parent is given stewardship over a child, so God gave you stewardship over your dream. Your dream is like a child. How are you treating it?

Are you ignoring it in hopes it will go away because you are afraid of the responsibility?  Take it from me, it won't go away. That child needs you to feed and nurture it, but the Spirit of God is keeping it alive. Please give up trying to kill it. It may become weak due to your neglect, but it won't die.

Do you hurl accusations at it? "You are not from God, you're just a subtle form of selfish ambition. If I feed you, my own heart will grow fat with pride. No thank you. Go away!"

You say this because you fear the good feeling of succeeding at your dream. If imagining it brings you this much pleasure, the fulfillment of it might make you float to the sky. Oh no, we can't have that, can we?

Have you considered that the euphoria may not  be pride, but joy because you're doing what God created you to do?

How do you make dreams come true? It requires more than wishing on a star.

A dream becomes reality when you give it oxygen. Let it out in the open by telling people you trust about it. It can be scary, but it's necessary. Talking about it with others can make it seem less like a freak of nature. Hiding your dream stunts it's growth, and you've wasted enough time doing that. Let your dream breathe!

Nurture it by teaching it the promises of God. The devil can't stand that. Nurture that dream.

The most nutritious thing a dream can feed on is time. Not the one-of-these-days-I'm-gonna kind of time. I mean time investing in learning ways to develop the dream through honing  skills and gathering information on moving forward. If the dream was important enough for God to grant it, it's important enough to have priority on your calendar. Ask God what that should look like and how to carry it out. 

No more starving and neglecting your dream. Let it out to play. Introduce it to the promises of God, and by all means, feed that child! 

What challenges do you face in taking care of your dream?

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