Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas. It's Personal!

Unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord. (Luke 2:11)
Sometimes in thinking about peace on a big place like earth and good will to a staggering number like all mankind, we can get lost in the shuffle of how personal  God intended Christmas to be. Jesus is a gift with your personal name written on Him. He came to earth for all humanity, but humanity is made up of individuals. And all that He is and all that He offers was intended to  meet your individual need to be 
forgiven, cherished, cleansed, purposed,
consoled, empowered,  healed, renewed,
 saved, encouraged, avenged, bought back, set free,
 and loved.
Perhaps it's not easy for you to feel like the one for which  the blessing of Christmas was intended. Maybe you feel  more like the slob randomly splashed by default because she happened to be standing in the right vicinity at the right time. But that is not how it is. Unto YOU a child was born, unto YOU a Son was given. Oh, please do not miss the precision with which God's love extends to you!
This season, view the Christmas story through the lens of a movie camera where you were the stolen princess Jesus came to rescue. King Herod was YOUR enemy because it was YOUR salvation Satan tried to prevent when Herod killed those babies.  YOUR salvation was in danger  until  God intervened by speaking to Joseph in a dream  to take YOUR Savior to safety in Egypt.
 This is not to steal any of the glory due Jesus, the centerpiece of Christmas.  But Jesus was not born to die for Nobody. He was born to die for YOU. Without a lovee there is no lover.  Grace is no big deal without someone in need of receiving it. Making Christmas personal delights the heart of God because  the love  boomerangs back to the Giver with gratitude, and the glory due His name overflows! 
Christmas is your story. Hallelujah!  Take it personal because that is the way God gave it. 


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