Thursday, April 20, 2017

When You're Facing A New Normal

We all have an idea of what life should be like. Sometimes reality agrees with that idea, sometimes not. Most of us know better than to expect everything to go our way. We are not in control. We get that. Along the way, God allows the bitterness of the bad times to heighten the sweetness of the good ones.

Then, there are the times when life plows into your blind spot with such an impact that it twists your normal into a shape that can never be undone. At first, there is the cocoon of shock God gives to allow time to accept what's happened. Next may be a period of denial. Then the feeling starts to return and the newness is more than you think you can bear. You try any number of coping mechanisms, and you try to avoid the ones that will only create more problems. At some point, you run out of alternatives and realize that what is is what will always be. The circumstance is never going to change so either you have to change or lose your mind.

 How do you live in your new normal? Is it even possible, you wonder? Does it feel  like emotionally you're permanently going to have to do those horrible pull-ups you did in elementary school? You know, the ones where your tooth-pick arms lift your entire body weight over and over again?

There is hope for you, My Friend.

This normal may be new to you, but it's never new to God. Today's passage is a reminder He is everywhere; this includes where you are now. He's been ready for this day long before it's shadow came across your calendar. He's the Timeless One, remember? Allow Him to be what only He can be in a situation like yours. This is too much for you to handle by yourself; besides, you want to do more than survive this. Am I right? Your God, our God wants to forge a new you to match this new normal. It's called Transformation, and God specializes in it.

You don't have to have all the answers about why this happened or how you're going to make it. All you need to know is that He knows and that through Him, you'll get through this.  He Who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it if you don't call it off. It's a daily trusting even when you struggle to trust that trusting will work. Ask Him to help your unbelief.

Times like these are what faith in God is for. Go against your human reasoning and come close to Him. Yes, you may even be mad at Him for letting this happen; you can come to His throne mad. He can take it. Whatever you do, don't shut down.

This new normal may not have been where you intended to be, but you can make a home there as long as Jesus is with you-and He is! May the Lord strengthen you in this season of change as you settle in with Him Whose love for you never does.

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