Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nuggets God Dropped Into My Lap

Hello Friends,

This blog entry needs polishing, but there's  no time. So please be encouraged in spite of the lack of polishing.

Yes! Victory!! The day is done and I accomplished today's goal on a big project I'm working on. How did I do it?

Let me first say that every fiber of me didn't want to do it. Last night, anxiety tried to keep me awake as it raced like rabid horses through every nerve in my body. "Lord," I cried through groggy eyes and racing heart, "help me!" I had responsibilities that pulled me out of bed and to the doors of a church not my own. The temptation was there to just go home afterwards to work on my project. I'd done that before and wanted that to be the old me. Friends, if you want there to be an old you, you gotta start being the new you! Amen? We get upset when people don't expect us to change, but sometimes it's because, um, we haven't changed! 
Back to my story. The Lord impressed on my heart that worship is just as healthy for my spirit as a balanced meal. You and I were created to worship Him and important nutrients go missing when we don't. No, worship is not all about us, but it does affect us. I realize that I have too much to do NOT to worship. Yes, I did consider going home and attending Armchair Baptist, but I would have to drive right past my church to get there. Let me just say that attending church in person is so much better than watching it on TV. I can't explain it, but it is. We have to trust that God is smarter than we are and decide to do things His way even when we think we know a shortcut. Remember when God told the Israelites not to save any manna for the next day because He would provide what they needed? There's always at least one hardheaded nut in the bunch, and this one saved some anyway. Remember what happened? The manna had maggots in it. Friends, it just doesn't pay to do it our way! 

  Back to my story. I got home, ate, piddled around to avoid getting started. You ever do that? Eventually, I told myself I'd do just a little. Once I got started, I was in the zone. Then I got cold. Then I got sleepy. My mind was screaming, "Don't be a lazy bum!" My body wasn't listening. I took a nap. You know what? I needed that nap and I woke up and got back in the zone with more vigor. Know what I learned ? God will keep things on track while I rest. When I woke up, there was still some day left. We talked about this before, remember? 

Another thing the Lord taught me is that when I dread doing something, try doing it a different way to take the edge off. 
What's more, I set a timer to go at it for just an hour. The time flew by, and I was able to go a little longer. 

 For real, though, that last leg was hard. Not hard as in difficult to do, hard as in needing to push through when it's monotonous. I did another cry to the Lord, this time with more whine in my voice, "God (more like ga-ha-hod!) please help me finish this last bit! If You don't help me, it won't get done!" I remembered Jesus's words in John 15:5, "Without me, you can do nothing." Yes, that includes big projects too! 

So here I sit with a big grin in my heart because I reached my goal. Tomorrow there's a new goal, and I know God already has strength stored up for me just like today. It comes in installments sometimes because this is about growth, discipline, and perseverance.
May the Lord bless you in whatever you are trying to get through, My Friend. Determine to do it His way and share what you learned along the way. Got any tips for me in my Big Project journey? I'm all ears! 

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