Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lord, Make Me Beautiful!

A Timeless Prayer for Every. Christian. Woman
 by Georgia Pointer

Lord, this body of mine will not always be young. Grays and wrinkles will eventually win out over creams and dyes. The firms will flab and my heart muscles will eventually find the cardio workout a price too high to pay for the building upkeep. So, Lord, give me a timeless beauty…one that shines through the lines and wrinkles. Give me strength through the hard times that result in a muscular faith. Help me to have a prayer life that creates the kinds of curves that remind one of a smile from heaven. May the hidden person of the heart be so radiant, that it doesn't matter what  the lampshade of age looks like. Clothe me with an attractiveness whose designer tag points back to  You.  My feet, Lord, make them the kind of   beautiful recognized by the poor who receive the Good News they bring. Lord, Make me beautiful! Amen.

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