Friday, January 9, 2015

Connect the Dots in 2015

 I know you have somewhere you want to go this year. Maybe you want to become someone by December that your January self is not.

How are you going to get there?

Take a lesson from today's passage. Did you notice that God did not tell Joseph to go straight to Nazareth? Prophecy said he would end up there, but God drew the dots and allowed Joseph to connect them.

How can you connect them in your life so you end up where you are destined?

God spoke through Joseph through dreams, but that is not the norm for today's Christian. He speaks primarily through His Word; therefore, if you want to know what dots to connect in 2015, you've got to be in His book. Reading the Word is part of God's ongoing conversation with you about your life and His plans for it. It's exciting because you never know when you will come across a dot with your name on it.

God spoke to Joseph twice via dreams in this passage. What if Joseph had not obeyed the first dream? Do you think he would have obeyed or even gotten the second one? The path to connecting the dots in this new year is littered with  signs marked "obey". The wise traveler will be careful to obey each one.

Finally, notice that after Joseph obediently went to Israel, he found a circumstance there that I am certain caused him to ask God what to do. Joseph prayed and God answered through a dream. Reading the Word is God's part of the conversation and prayer is yours. No dots will connect without prayer.

Read, obey, and pray and you are sure to reach your destination. Send me a postcard when you get there!

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