Thursday, August 21, 2014

Driving Yourself Crazy

"for each one should carry their own load." Galatians 6:5

Can you imagine driving  the expressway with one hand on your steering wheel and the other on the wheel of the car in the next lane? I know it's physically impossible unless your neighbor is driving one of those foreign cars with the wheel on the wrong side.

 Stay with me, please.

If you were to accomplish this feat, how well would you be driving your own car? Swerving and bumping? Barely arriving at your destination in one piece? Sounds dangerous and exhausting!

 Cars were not designed for that, and neither was your life.

 In your desire to be caring toward others, you started out lending a helping hand, but now you've become an unpaid workhorse. You're pacing the floor worrying about someone who is not as concerned about their problems as you are. You're driving their car when they should be doing it themselves, and you're driving yourself crazy. It's too much!

God has a wonderful to-do list for your life. Have you cut from the list of another and pasted it to yours?

   Only the Holy Spirit can help you discern the fine line between Christian caring and codependency. Ask Him to highlight the line so you know if you've crossed it.

Talk About It:
  How have you been able to draw the line? How do you think God helps us handle the guilt that can accompany setting boundaries?

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