Friday, May 30, 2014

When The Future Is Scary

"I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence!" Psalm 139:7,(NLT)

God has graced you with many blessings but the ability to see the future from His window is not one of them.

 He describes in His Word the future consequences attached to today's decisions, but much of the not-yet life waits in the shadows of His sovereignty, and that can be scary.

  You tend to feel more confident if you know what's coming. You like to be prepared because it makes you feel more in control, but perhaps you are facing something that has never cast a shadow in your path before. Maybe  there is a health diagnosis, an empty place a loved one once filled, or even a new responsibility that feels way too big.  How will you make it through? Will you make it through?

  Take courage, Daughter of God. Everything is not riding on you. Actually you are the one doing the riding. Jesus said, "Without me, you can do nothing."  (John 15:5) The strength you need to face the unknown is powered  with supernatural fuel. The future is frightening when you look at it with your natural eyes.

But wait, take another look.

Wipe the fog of fear off your lenses.

Can you see now?

There are two instead of one up ahead.

The first has your own silhouette. The other looks like the Son of God. The path still looks dark, but each step is cushioned by the red carpet of His presence. He never sends you into the darkness to tough it out on your own. He always travels with you--sometimes you hear Him speaking, sometimes He is silent, but He is never absent.

Do you think you need more than that? Is His presence shy of what you hope for?

It is enough!

His presence is like an icon that contains more than you realize. "Click" on it, and you'll find amazing comfort, surprising joy, indescribable peace, and many more gifts lovingly hidden on the trail waiting  for you to discover.

Step out, Princess Bride. Take the Lord's hand and walk into the uncertainty. No, you still have no control, but with Him as your constant companion, you don't need it!


  1. Thank you, Georgia; I needed to see this today.

    Beverly - 6.19.2014

  2. Oh, Georgia, what a powerful message beautifully shared. You paint memorable pictures with your words. I love "the red carpet of his presence." Thanks for the encouragement today.