Friday, March 14, 2014

Frog In Your Pocket

"In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."  John 16:33
Mama had bought me a pink polyester suit. It sounds ugly now, but a pink polyester suit with pretty flowers embroidered   on the  front pocket was a delight to a fourth grade girl back then. I remember my excitement at wearing my new outfit and the special curls my mother put in my hair to make me look extra cute.
At school, students had to wait  in the parking lot for the doors to open, so we amused ourselves to pass the time. That day, the boys discovered a frog and started tossing him around like a an egg in an egg-toss. Grossed out at the thought of even seeing a frog, I kept my distance. Somehow the air-born frog   landed in the pocket of my new suit!
 EEEK! I was horrified! I panted in disgust as one of the boys reached into my pocket to retrieve the frog. Grateful when the bell rang and the doors opened, I recall processing what happened. Why did such a thing happen to me? What had I done wrong to deserve having that frog fall in my direction? It sounds silly now, but don't we still ask God the same kinds of questions when hard times seem to have hand-picked us?
I offer three truths to encourage you.
First off, why does a bad thing happening to us have to mean we did something wrong? God has told us that bad stuff is part of life for everyone (Job 5:7).
Second, if you are a Christian, your pocket is extra big  for catching trouble because Jesus in you automatically puts you on Satan's radar. Peter admonished us to not behave as if something strange were happening to us when we undergo trials(1 Peter 4:12). It's part of being in the Family.
Third, (and this is the best part) Jesus warned us that troubles would come, and in the next breath He reassured  us (can't you hear the love in His voice?) that we can be of good cheer because He has power over the whole arena where the battle is happening.
So what is the frog in your pocket?
Financial, marital, or health problems? Stress at work, at home, or at church?
 Whatever it is, resist the urge to think it's not fair and shouldn't be happening to you. Choose instead to take hold of Jesus who is in this trouble with you. He's got you and your frog in His pocket!  Is there any better or safer place to be?
Talk About It: Which of the three truths do you most need to keep in mind when difficult times come?
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